Rules for FLC

    Player Agreement

  1. When you sign for a team you are committing yourself to that team. You cannot play for anyone else whilst under contract, unless this is agreed under the section of "Loan Requests" within the FLC discord, and must be approved by an FLC admin.
  2. A player contract lasts for one season, once you are registered to that team. You cannot release yourself unless you have a individual player premium OR your manager agrees.
  3. A player may only be released 2 times during a season. An exception will be made if the team folds. You can raise this release clause to 3 times with 'Player Premium'
  4. You are eligable for a free release if you have selected available for 5 consecutive game days, and not been picked for any. You will need to contact your league admin, with valid proof of the following;
    1. A picture from each day of you selecting you are available.
    2. A picture of the team sheet from each game day without being selected.
  5. If you have any issues with the management of your team, then don't hesitate to contact your league admin.
  6. Manager Agreement

  7. When as a manager or co manager you agree to being in a managerial position, you are committing yourself to ensure your team plays on all designated game days and times throughout the season. Your contract as either a manager or co manager is for the duration of the season.
  8. You can have two co leaders within your management structure in your team.
  9. You are agreeing to have read and acknowledge all of the rules, and will ensure these are followed.
  10. You can step down from management for your team, as long as there is a suitable replacement that is willing to take over the manager status of the club (for example a co leader, or a person who wants the responsibility.) The 'new' manager must be aware of the agreement and rules defined in this section, as the responsibility will then fall with them.
  11. You agreed to become a manager for the duration of the season, so you must not fold your team. You must ensure before you decide to manage a team you have the ambition to see it through to the end of the season. If you fold your team without a suitable replacement to take over the club, then the following will apply;
    1. Any historical results will stand, any future results will be defaulted as a 2.0 loss upon gameday
    2. You will serve a 2 season managerial ban.
    3. You will serve a season ban where you cannot sign for any team as a player.
  12. You are entitled to have 18 players within your team. You can raise this to 25 with 'Premium', or 30 with 'Premium+'. Be aware that as a manager you are ensuring that fair rotation within your team is achieved. Players have the right to leave your team if they are not selected for 5 consecutive match days.
  13. You are entitled to have one "Loaned" player per game. This player does not need to be signed to your team however must be in the opposite league. For example a Premiership player being loaned to a championship side, unless the player has 'Player Premium', in-which they may be loaned to a team in the same division. The relevant template must be filled out at least 30 minutes before official kick off time in 〔📝〕loan-requests
  14. You have the ability to reschedule one/two night/s a season dependent on the level of premium you have. If you want to reschedule a game night this must be called 4 hours before the official kick off time. A rescheduled match can be played at any convenient time if agreed by both parties. If a date cannot be decided then this will be played on the first Monday after the season finishes. If you have rescheduled two nights, then the 2nd rescheduled night must be played on the Tuesday after the season finishes.
  15. The above rules could be extended and will be discussed on a case by case basis by the admin team if for example; you fold one week before the season ends. Your ban may apply for the entirety of the following season.
  16. In-Game Rules

  17. Teams must play with a minimum of 8 players, including a goalkeeper and an 'any'. You must start the game with 8 players. If for whatever reason a player lags out then the game must continue. If the team cannot field 8 players then the game will be a 2-0 default loss, unless you have the ability to reschedule a game with premium.
  18. Games must kick off at the scheduled time. Both managers must be seen to do everything they can to ensure the evening of games is as smooth as possible.
  19. You have a total of 3 attempts to ensure your game kicks off with your fielded team. If you have kit glitches, a player lags out or you have connectivity issues, you have until the 10th minute in game to back out. You can only back out twice, meaning the third time going into game must be played regardless. If a goal is scored before the 10th minute back out, then this will be added to the final score.
  20. If a player in your team is not playing to best of their ability, or does anything which would fall under 'poor sportsmanship', for example scoring deliberate own goals, then a ban may be imposed on the player, however the result with stand.
  21. Players cannot block or interfere with the opposing GK on set pieces. If this happens, the goalkeeper is blocked and a goal is conceded then the goal will be deducted from the final score.
  22. Only one player is allowed on each of the posts when defending a corner set piece. If the team defending has more than those two people on the posts, across the goal line and this prevents a clear scoring opportunity then a goal may be awarded after the game is finished, however the game must continue.
  23. You cannot stand on the goal line if you are defending a set piece free kick. Players must remain outside the 6 yard box unless man marking a player. If a clear goal scoring opportunity was denied due to players being on the goal line as a result from a set piece free kick (for example a shot) then the goal may be awarded to the final score, however the game must continue.
  24. Keeping the ball in the corner of the pitch by using the L2 button is not allowed. The ball can be moved to and from the corner however the ball must be moving at all times. If it seen that the opposition is holding the L2 button in the corner then the game must continue. A warning will be issued to the team. Repeat offenses will result in a points deduction.
  25. No five defender formations are permitted. The team may back out and advise the opponents to re read this rule if before 10th minute. If the team still fields a 5 defender formation then a default win will be awarded. If during in the late stages of the game you realise your opponent is playing a 5 defender formation, then the game must be rescheduled.
  26. Calling Time

  27. You may call 15 minutes delay in the original schedule kick off time.
  28. Time called must be at least 30 minutes before the original kick off time.
  29. When calling time you must do this in the discord matchday channel of the designated division / league you are playing in. You must tag your opponents manager and also the league admin.
  30. You have a 5 minute grace period from either the original scheduled kick off time or the newly establish kick off time (time called) to get into your matches. If you are still late past this grace period, then a default may be awarded. Managers must be seen to be on time and transparent.
  31. Teamsheets/Lineup

  32. Teamsheets/Line ups must be submitted 15 minutes before kick off of the official start time or the time called. Failure to upload your line up will result in a warning. Repeated offenses may results in a points deduction.
  33. You must ensure that those players who are published on your team sheet/line up are members of your team, and are signed to you. If you play a player that has a different PSN to the selected person on your team sheet, for example playing a player that is pretending to be another member of your team. If found out the game will result in a 2-0 default loss.
  34. Playing a player that is not on your team sheet, however is signed to your team may be classed as an administrative error and will result in a warning. Repeated offenses will result in points deduction.
  35. The result from your game must be updated within two hours of the match being completed. Failure to upload results within the correct time frame will result in a warning. Repeated offenses may result in a points deduction.
  36. Stats

  37. Player statistics is optional and is not mandatory to be uploaded. The manager and co manager have the ability to enter their teams stats into the website. If they choose not to do this, then each individual player has the ability to enter and upload their own stats.
  38. Stat boosting is a serious offence. Those who upload their stats, want to have a truthful and healthy competition with other players within the league. Those who are seen to falsify their stats may result in a games or season ban.
  39. If you are entering your stats you will need to accompany a photo alongside the stats you are entering. This is so if needed to check, we can cross reference the picture you uploaded with the stats you entered. The photo must be clear and legible to read. If it is not then your stats may be disregarded for that game.
  40. You are only allowed to enter clean sheets onto your statistic if the game is a default.
  41. The deadline for stat submission to be included in 'Team of the week' is as follows;
    1. Midweek League - 18:00 GMT Friday of the same week.
    2. Weekend League - 18:00 closest Monday after weekend
  42. Submitting a case to your admin

  43. Racism, abusive behaviour and bullying will not be tolerated. Remember there is a fine line between banter and bullying. Please report this to a member of the admin team. We are here to enjoy playing pro clubs and being part of the FLC community. You will be banned if any of these instances occur.
  44. If you wish to discuss any of the above rules, for example submitting a case with an admin, then head over to "Ask an admin" in our discord section. Our admin team will respond as soon as available.
  45. Rules are rules, and they are there for a reason. The admins are there to ensure these rules are maintained. When submitting evidence you must have valid proof, and not just hearsay. For example if you are calling a default on a late entrance to a game, you will need to provide screen shots of the current time and any correspondence from opponents manager.
    If you are informing us of an in game rule break, for example 3 people on the line from a set piece, you will need to provide the stream link of this game.
  46. All investigations will be fair and consistent, and may be reviewed by several admins to ensure the best outcome is decided.
  47. If you have a complaint regarding an admin, then please contact the head admin.

Premium Information and Benefits

Premium is there to give those players and teams extra help in managing and playing in FLC.

Team Premium £5

  • You can increase your squad size from 18 to 25 for one team you manage.
  • You are allowed to reschedule 1 night of games in the season.
  • Play without GK
  • Can change team name once during season
  • Can have 2 loaned players in a single game

Manager+ Premium £10

  • You can increase your squad size from 18 to 30 for all teams you manage.
  • You are allowed to reschedule 2 nights of games in the season.
  • Play without GK
  • Can change team name once during season
  • Can have 3 loaned players in a single game
  • Entry into our end of season 'Premium Player Draft'
  • A dedicated discord channel for all Manager+ Premium members to allow for the quickest support.

Player Premium £5

  • Club release limit raised to 3 clubs a season.
  • Have the ability to be 'loaned' to a team in the same division.
  • Entry into our end of season 'Premium Player Draft'
  • Entry into our monthly premium player give away
  • Premium badge on our website.
  • A personalized twitter banner GFX.